It's Great to be Green!

You can feel confident when ordering with us that you are using an environmentally responsible company.

How Green Are We?

Here at Make The Front Page we take our responsibility for the environment seriously and have developed and implemented our own Green Policy. Having always prided ourselves on being an ethical company we have taken steps to reduce our company impact in as many areas as possible.

Make The Front Page is based in the UR-In The Paper Ltd Head Office in the Weardale Business Centre and the building was recently awarded a Gold Star rating in the Green Business Scheme. As well as this we have welcomed a government funded independent agency to examine our offices and help us work in a way that minimises our effect on the world around us.

What Exactly Do We Do To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

The answer to this question is simple: as much as we possibly can. Make The Front Page is implement the following:

  • Compositing of tea bags and food waste.

  • Building wide Switch - Off campaign.

  • Energy efficient kettles and an "Only Boil What You Need" Policy.

  • Full shut down policy on all computers at the end of each day.

  • Use of recycled toilet paper.

  • Use of chlorine free soaps and detergents.

  • Plastic/ Glass recycling.

  • Tight door seals on fridges.

  • TRV valves on radiators.

  • High efficiency boiler.

  • Non drip taps.

  • Power save mode on all printing presses.

  • Use of recycled paper.

  • All of our emails politely request that the recipient only print where absolutely necessary.

  • Specialist window film installed on all office windows to reduce the use of fans and air conditioning units in the summer months.

  • Staff training in this area.

In addition to this we monitor our electricity usage and set achievable targets to reduce our Carbon Emissions.

Any Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our Green Policy we'd love to hear from you. Please email